Services Offered:

Torch Membrane

Our most availed service, Torch Membrane is a modified bituminous waterproofing membrane sheet heated with an open flame. This is the strongest, most durable and sturdiest waterproofing solution if installed properly  and safely like Kenta does.

This waterproofing method is highly recommended for flat surfaces such as roof decks, balconies, car park decks, green roofs and bridges

Liquid Membrane

For more flexible waterproofing needs, Liquid membrane is an option. It is a modified super elastic bitumen rubber and solvent-based applied with a brush or roller by a qualified installer. 

It is applied cold and used in surfaces where torch heating is not ideal. It is also ideal for waterproofing under tiling and can be applied over an array of surfaces such as ceramic and metal. 

Applications include kitchen, bathrooms, balcony, basement wall, parapet, pools and ponds. It's also used to repair cracked sealants and vertical surfaces.

Polyurethane Water-based & Chemical-Based Waterproofing

A combination of two components: polyol and isocyanide and applied in several coats with curing periods. It is considered the most popular choice due to its ease of application and lower costs versus the bitumen options. It is often used in construction phases and discouraged as a repair option since polyurethane application is sensitive to moisture.

This is recommended for Balcony, Parapet, Pedestrian Walkways and Roof Deck.

Water Stop

An instant plug of  hydrophilic mortar designed to be a solution for actively leaking pipes and joints

Recommended for: Concrete, PVC, HDPE, steel and fiberglass

Polyurethane Injection Crack Repair

A single component moisture cure polyurethane expandable injection  suitable for  active leaks, wet dynamic cracks and joints.  It is more flexible than epoxy injection and has water repelling capabilities.

Epoxy Injection Crack Repair

A two component adhesive system composed of 100% solid epoxy that contains polyamide curing agent ensuring a tough and durable bond resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

This method is used for dry big cracks and gaps in concrete in the structural foundation or walls because of its high tensile strength.

Epoxy Tank Lining

A two-component epoxy compound formulated from high-grade epoxy resins and polyamine curing agents made for potable water tanks.

Recommended for: Cistern tank.

Industrial Floor Coatings

Apart from having aesthetically pleasing floors, these floor coatings provide advantages such as being resistant to chemicals, heat, water and foot traffic. It is easy to maintain and hygienic as the floor does not absorb moisture. Lastly, it is durable making it ideal for heavy materials and equipment. 

We offer Industrial Floor Coating options such as Epoxy Flooring, Epoxy MortarPolyurethane Floor Coating, Polyurethane Mortar and Line Marking.

Recommended for: Factories, Logistics Warehouses, Indoor Parking Spaces, Sports Facilities, Gyms, Garages and Workshops.

Multi-Copolymerized Resin Waterproofing

Excellent flexibility of applications and strong cementing power to concrete, this solution creates a barrier repelling water.

Recommended for Exterior Surfaces such as Balcony, Basement, Cistern Tank, Firewall, Kitchen, Parapet, Roof Deck, Roof Top, Swimming Pool, Toilet and Bathroom.

Flexible Cementitious & Crystallline Waterproofing

Keep water out with this polymer fortified cement with well-grade fillers mixed with synthetic resin or water. This soution forms crystals which block water seeping out from the wall or what is called as a "negative side waterproofing" (vs positive side waterproofing which repels and blocks water from being absorbed in the wall) 

It is ideal for both vertical and horizontal surface on the interior side. 

Recommended for: Basement, Underground Parking, Cistern Tank, Interior Side of Walls with one side on the exterior , Swimming Pool, Tunnels.

Elastomeric waterproofing

The most preferred vertical waterproofing solution in the Philippines. Not only is it cost effective but it is also comes in an array of colors. 

It is  high resistant of UV water-based coating formulated based on an acrylic emulsion. It possesses outstanding exterior durability and excellent elasticity.

However, elastomeric if improperly installed is also prone to bubbling if it did not adhere well to the surface. 

Recommended for: Firewall, GI Roofing, Parapet and Reflective Topcoat.