How We Work

From start to finish, Kenta aims to provide customers with the

worry-free experience that customers should be having with contractors.

Step 1

Contact Us

Message us via email at or

Or give us a call at 02 8 376 0408 or 0919 008 6078

Please provide us with your needs, approximate area, budget 

and location of the site.

Step 2 

Scheduled Site Visit

Our team will need to investigate the actual site to determine the options we will offer. From the site visit we can also determine the measurements, the length of the job and the budget that will be needed.

Step 3


Our team will be in touch with you and provide you with a quotation and estimate based on the site visit, budget, schedule and equipment needed. If client is satisfied, the payment terms will be discussed and service contracts will be signed. Permits and clearances are to be procured by the client.

Step  4

Project Ingress to Project Completion

Our team will update you on the progress of the project and will inform the client as soon as there are unforeseen circumstances. Minimal supervision is needed from the client as we have our own monitoring system.

Mr. Takahashi also conducts surprise site visits.

Step 5

Final Inspection and Warranty

Mr. Takahashi will conduct the Final Inspection and make sure it matches industry standards. After the Final Inspection, the Warranty that comes with all Kenta services, will be awarded.